Overseas Travel Claims Procedure

Overseas travel claims procedure

All overseas travel claims are settled by the speciality assistance services (sas), our claims settlement agents and worldwide service providers.



In the event of an insured dying, being involved in an accident, or being admitted to hospital, the sas must be contacted immediately the sas provides medical assistance service and evacuation to the insured. operating 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, sas provides effective assistance to the insured anywhere in the word and can be accessed by telephone or fax as hereunder:


Citys, telephone and fax

London : 44(0) 207 0939 9645/407 9206
Philadelphia : 1215 489 3785/489 8525
Johannersburg : 2711 452 7272/452 4473
Bangkok : 66(0)2 645 3932/645 3732



For non-emergency claims, the insured is required to pay upfront for the expenses and submit claims forms to saham life & gen. ass co. and all the related documents as soon as he/she returns back to kenya. the company forwards these documents to the sas who settles the claim. there are three different types of claims and the requirements for each kind of claim is as below:


Medical expenses
  • Original holiday /flight confirmation
  • Travel tickets and boarding passes
  • Hospital, doctor, chemist, dentist receipts.
  • Receipts for additional travel/and accommodation expenses (if applicable)
  • Confirmation of in-patient treatment for hospital benefit claim
  • Any other relevant document to support claim.

Personal property/ baggage/ money and documents claim
  • Ooriginal holiday /flight confirmation
  • Travel tickets and boding passes
  • Police, airline or tour operator report
  • Evidence of ownership
  • Any other relevant documentation to support claim.

Cancellation/ travel delay/ personal liability claim
  • Original holiday /flight confirmation
  • Travel tickets and boding passes
  • Proof of cancellation
  • Receipts for additional expenses.
  • Confirmation of cause of claim from carrier.
  • Cconfirmation from the carrier stating actual hours delay.
  • Any other relevant documentation to support claim.