Other Insurances Claims Procedure

Other insurances claims procedure

Fire & consequential loss

Cach claim depends on its circumstances and magnitude and the nature of the property destroyed but claims services relating to immediate notification, registration and support were outlined in claims services earlier.

When the insured suffers loss or damage to the property/assets we normally outsource the services of independent and indeed professional loss assessors and adjusters who carry out the loss adjustment as they deem it fit.

It is imperative that the insured co-operate fully with the loss adjusters/assessors/investigators and submit the supporting documents to enable the loss adjusters to finalise their reports soonest.


Common supporting documents normally sought include:

    Purchasing invoices of various assets damaged
  • Replacement costs/repair quotations
  • Audited accounts for previous few years
  • Fire brigade report (if available)
  • Police report (if available)
  • Claim form for the property damage or loss can be accessed on company's website.

Claims settlement offers are based on adjusted loss recommended by the independent professional loss adjusters.


Marine cargo claims service/goods in transit

Marine insurance is essential to overseas traders and this makes marine insurance global with an important role to play in the business of exporters and importers of manufactured or raw material products. marine insurance is very wide and governed by the marine insurance act which defines a loss on a marine insurance as either total loss or partial loss the loss settlement calls for more specialised and professionalism in marine insurance adjustments and it is usual to outsource these services from marine loss adjusters.

Immediate notification of a possible claim is of paramount importance to enable the company appoint the marine loss adjuster or marine cargo surveillance organisation who may need to examine the cargo at the port of loading, discharge or at the final destination of the cargo.

Common documents sought in event of a claim include:

  • Contracts of affreightment: - this out lines specific obligations, rights and immunities either implied by common law or expressed by statute or by written terms of contract.
  • Bill of lading this is a written evidence of terms of which the goods are to be carried for a specific freight. this is a document of title and normally issued in sets of three or more copies which are sent to all stake holders of the cargo or the affreightment.

The original insurance policy/certificate/cover note should be surrendered in event of a claim.
on settlement of the claim fully the insurer acquires the rights of subrogation, rights of contribution in terms of general average sacrifice.

Goods in transit

  • The claim form used is that of loss or damage to property. normally this cover applies to goods in inland transportation and there is need to establish carriers /haulage contractors obligations and liability.
    Discharge voucher duly executed.


Claims requirements for miscellaneous accident

Under this category of products we have two categories of products which call for different claims procedures although immediate notification and fully co­operation by insured are of paramount importance for expeditious service.


Category 1: loss or damage to property
Burglary, all risks, money, glass, domestic package insurance can be considered under property damage or loss and the claim form relating to the fire damage is normally utilised.
Fidelity guarantee: the claims form is available from brokers or directly from company's offices.


Category 2: personal injury/liability claims

I Individual /group personal accident.
Common documents called for include:

  • Duly completed claim form;
    Medical report of the attending doctor incorporating the degree of disability if any;
    Meath certificate where the accident was fatal;
    Letter of administration/dependency certificate;
    Remuneration prior to death/or permanent injury;
    Duly executed discharge voucher is called for at the time of settlement of the claim.


II Workmen's compensation/employers liability

  • Claims procedure and settlement are as recommended under the workmen's compensation act or compensation is awarded under common law.


III Public liability/professional indemnity:

  • Legal liability must be established first and award recommended by courts or arbitration; claim form or questionnaires are available from brokers or directly from the company office.