Life Policies Claims Procedure

Life Policies Claims Procedure

Maturity Claims

This is a claim that is payable upon maturity of a Life Insurance Policy. Premiums must be fully paid and the insured person must return the original policy document to the Insurance Company. The insured person must also sign a discharge voucher in order to receive the policy maturity proceeds.

Surrender Value Claims

Where a policy has been inforce for 3 or more years, the insured person can apply for a Surrender Value under the policy. The insured person must return the original document to the Insurance Company for cancellation before the surrender value payment is made.

Death claims

For a death claim to be settled, the following conditions must be fulfilled:

> Payment of premium must be up to date
> Claim Form must be completed
> The original policy document, original death certificate, I/D Card copy must be provided to the Insurance Company
> A certificate by the last attending physician may also be required by the Insurance Company